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Meet Linda

Linda_Finn.jpgI’m running for State Representative because the only way it’s going to get better in Rhode Island is with a State House that has new priorities -- one focused on people and what matters to them.  Aquidneck Island needs someone ready to roll up their sleeves and work -- not for themselves but for all of us. For our community.

I have a track record of taking hard stands; the kind that are often unpopular with insiders, but those that the people of Portsmouth and Middletown deserve and need. I promise to stay true to my values once elected. I also make that promise to my grandparents and parents, whose lives and values have led me to run to be your State Representative. I promise to live by them: Work hard. Be honest and fair. Find solutions, not problems.

I love this community and I want to bring our Aquidneck values and priorities back to the State House. Rhode Island is at a crucial moment in its history. Our state’s economy still trails many of our neighbors’, and investment here continues to lag because of the blight of corruption and scandal. If Rhode Island is going to truly harness all its strengths, 2016 has to be the year we put our foot down.

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