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Meet Linda

Linda_Finn.jpgMy Record

I am, and have always, been committed to strengthening our education system

 – I voted to approve legislation to provide full education aid funding for children enrolled in Full Day Kindergarten. My opponent is “unsure” if he would have supported full day or if he will support Pre-K)

- I co-sponsored legislation to change the teacher lay off date, saving districts money and preventing too many pink slips to teachers at the end of the school year.

I will be an advocate for establishing programs to encourage businesses to come and stay in Rhode Island

- I co-sponsored legislation to add to Portsmouth’s Enterprise zone as part of the economic revitalization act

- I co-sponsored legislation to help home builders by creating an exemption on taxes on unfinished properties until the buildings are sold.

I am committed to re-evaluating our transportation funding

- I co-sponsored legislation to create the RI Transportation and Infrastructure Fund. Tolls were removed from the Sakonnet River Bridge and an initial designated funding vehicle was set up for DOT and RIPTA .

I will work to keep Aquidneck Island connected and in pace with technological advances to high speed internet services.

- I established the Broadband Commission to study the needs for Rhode Island businesses and homeowners, and in particular, those living and working on Aquidneck Island. Broadband is crucial to e-government efficiency and will enable businesses to locate and operate in all parts of the state. 

I want to find solutions to protect our environment 

- Co-sponsored legislation to create a renewable distributed energy financing program to provide funding for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.

- Co-sponsored legislation that would divert organic waste - such as leftover foods - from large institutions from landfills to composting sites, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.