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Linda Finn's Record


I said I would “Strengthen the education system”

 – Voted to approve legislation to provide full education aid funding for children enrolled in Full Day Kindergarten (Reilly is “unsure” if he would have supported full day or if he will support Pre-K)

- Co-Sponsored legislation to change the teacher lay off date, saving districts money and preventing too many pink slips to teachers at the end of the school year.

I said I would work towards establishing programs to encourage businesses to come and stay here” 

Co-Sponsored legislation to add to Portsmouth’s Enterprise zone as part of the economic revitalization act

Co-sponsored legislation to help home builders by creating an exemption on taxes on unfinished properties until the buildings are sold.

I said I would “re-evaluate our transportation funding”

- Co-sponsored legislation to create the RI Transportation and Infrastructure Fund. This legislation actually did remove the tolls from the Sakonnet Bridge and set up a designated funding vehicle for the DOT and RIPTA

I said I would provide “solutions to protect our environment” 

- Co-sponsored legislation to create a renewable distributed energy financing program to provide funding for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. 










Dan Reilly's Record 

He said “I led the Fight” against tolls

- He failed to eliminate the tolls

He said "I will fight to eliminate legislative grants"

- He failed to eliminate legislative grants

He said "I will continue to fight to lift unfunded mandates"

- He failed to lift unfunded mandates

He said “I voted against the budget that raised taxes, failed to cut wasteful spending or deal with the structural deficits “

He failed to cut wasteful spending.  He failed to deal with structural deficits

He said “I will continue to oppose any tax increases”

- He failed to stop tax increases

He said "I fought for a fair funding formula"

- He failed to pass a fair funding formula

He said “I will continue to fight for open government”

- He failed to disclose 1000s of dollars of campaign finance expenditureshttp://www.golocalprov.com/news/state-re/ )

What did Dan actually do???

He got one bill passed over the course of 2 years... a bill introduced by the Town of Middletown to convey parcels of land to the government for the Navy




Representative Finn is the owner of Linda Finn Garden Design and belongs to the Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association. She also serves as board president for BabySteps,  a non-profit that assists parents of children form birth to age 3 to provide effective parenting and learning strategies.

She has filled a variety of roles in the past for the Women’s Resource Center of Newport and Bristol Counties, including board president; she was a troop leader for nine years for Girl Scouts of Rhode Island; She served as the Service Unit Manager for GSRI for 5 years in Middletown and Newport; she was a park designer for the Susan B. Demery Park Committee; served as an officer and Sunday School teacher at St. Columba’s Chapel, and was a board member for Lucy’s Hearth Community Housing Development Corporation.

Representative Finn resides in Middletown with her husband, John, and they are the parents of two children, Phoebe and Jack.

Here is video of our recent Candidate Forum:

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Ethics complaint filed against Republican Candidate for District 72



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